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Ending the culture of violence

  • Published at 08:55 pm September 6th, 2019

The path of physical violence is being taken all too frequently

We wish to be a nation where the rule of law is respected and adhered to, not one where violence is used by and against ordinary citizens when conflicts arise.

But regrettably, from incidents of mob “justice” to muggings to physical altercations between pedestrians and road users, it seems that violence has become an inextricable part of our daily life.

On Thursday, perpetrators hacked a woman and her daughter to death inside their own house in Jurain. A man’s dismembered body was found on a railway track in Karwan Bazar on Friday. A badly wounded child had to be rushed to the hospital with no evidence as to how he had sustained those injuries. And clashes between nurses and staff left 10 people injured. 

To say nothing of the millions of incidents of violence which go unreported throughout the country, from abused maids to traffic “accidents,” all of which contribute towards an eco-system that seems to always be on the verge of explosion. 

The path of physical violence is being taken all too frequently, and a lack of faith in the law enforcement and criminal justice system is making people believe their actions will not have consequences.

But it high time to take a hard stand against the toxic culture of violence -- a civilized society cannot allow this kind of behaviour, and must work toward not just punishing perpetrators, but changing the toxic mindset that contributes to this kind of behaviour in the first place.