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Connecting to the future

  • Published at 12:01 am October 18th, 2019
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Bangladesh must continue to adapt to an increasingly globalized and digitized world

One of the best things about having a government which understands the importance of digitization is its urgency in adopting new technologies for the benefit of its citizens.

As such, it is encouraging to note that the government intends to commence 5G connectivity in Bangladesh by 2021, and have it spread through the country by 2026.

This fifth generation of cellular network technology is significantly more advanced than previous generations, with faster connections and increased capacity. 

This has implications not merely in terms of “faster internet,” but can potentially revolutionize our various industries by increasing connectivity, efficiency, and productivity.

But this should serve as a stepping stone for more such initiatives in the years to come. Bangladesh must continue to adapt to an increasingly globalized and digitized world, and investment in newer technologies goes a long way towards ensuring Bangladesh’s place on the global stage. 

Cities across the world, such as Seoul and Buenos Aires, have already increased connectivity through various means, for example through ensuring that denizens have easily accessible Wi-Fi everywhere.

We have already taken great strides towards encouraging technological revolutions and investment in the nation -- most recently, several multi-national firms have committed to invest in the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City-2, a 100-acre digital city in Gazipur.

This is the sort of attitude required from the government to ensure that Bangladesh does not fall behind. We must continuously work towards improving ourselves, be it through the technology we use or otherwise, and pave the way for technological innovations and investment to come through.

It is crucial that we keep this momentum going, and allow a new generation of investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals to take the helm in pushing this country forward.