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Progress through science

  • Published at 12:04 am October 19th, 2019

Focus and invest in science and research

As a developing nation, Bangladesh still has a lot of catching up to do in order to keep up with the rest of the world.

While we have made tremendous progress as a nation, especially over the last decade or so, there is still a multitude of challenges keeping us from reaching our full potential -- challenges like hunger, poverty, and climate change.

One of the best ways we can go about tackling these problems is to focus on and invest in science and research.

With the promise of a Digital Bangladesh, the government has laid the groundwork for science and technology to truly flourish in Bangladesh -- but we have yet to see those resources being used to tackle some of the more fundamental problems plaguing our country.

Climate change is, of course, the most obvious of these issues. As a developing country, it is nothing short of an injustice that we have to pay the price for the unchecked industrialization of other, more developed nations.

And while financial support from these countries is an absolute necessity, we need to understand the importance of finding our own way out.

International initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals, which we have been making steady progress in, require the participation of all. But, more than anything else, it requires research and innovation in order to reach the goals successfully.

Bangladesh might yet be a developing nation, but that does not mean we cannot control our path in the coming years. History has proven time and again that science and technology are the drivers of progress, and while we have come far as a nation in a relatively small amount of time, there is a long way to go.