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The administration needs to be held responsible

  • Published at 12:03 am December 5th, 2019
Buet protest

The policies in our educational institutions have been confined to paper for too long

After months of negotiations and protests, the Buet administration has banned student politics on campus and finally taken a strong stance against ragging. 

Kudos to the institution for the making this move. 

The stance against ragging taken by the administration is unequivocal and strong. The offenders, who are found guilty of ragging that leads to death or serious harm will be expelled, and those who engage in verbal or physical abuse, extortion, shaming, temporary psychological harm, humiliation, threats, or other types of ragging will be punished. 

Indirect or direct political involvement has also been banned. If a student directly or indirectly engages in politics, he or she will be warned, fined, suspended for any length of time, or expelled permanently from the university.

While all these seem like great policies, the policies in our educational institutions have been confined to paper for too long. The Buet authorities banned politics after the killing of Sabekun Nahar Sony on June 8, 2002, as well, but it resurged and had taken another life. 

This keeps happening, because the administration has not been vigilant enough for preventing these incidents of violence from taking place. Institutional autonomy has been exercised, and the excesses of specific political groups have always been ignored or overlooked, even when they clearly violated existing university codes.

This goes to show that a solution beyond the codes is necessary -- the administration needs to be responsible for the welfare of the students, and the students must be vigilant to keep it so.

For that, an election of the student union may be necessary, so that elected representatives of the general students can make sure that the administration is not swayed by political hoodlums.