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As militancy evolves, so must the fight against it

  • Published at 11:30 pm January 7th, 2020
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Let us step this fight, and recognize these new patterns of militancy, and nip them in the bud

In the last three years, our law enforcement agencies have, no doubt, stepped up the fight against militancy: Raids have been conducted on terrorist hide-outs with great success, masterminds have been taken out, and plots have been thwarted.

Our country is safer as a result of such decisive moves, and our law enforcement and counter-terrorism bodies, and the government, deserve kudos.

However, it must be noted that the threat of terror evolves in nature. This means what we have been doing so far -- ramping up security in certain zones deemed as targets -- may not be enough. 

Sunday’s highly disturbing incident was a reminder of how terrorists can target private individuals as they are squeezed of options. The events have been reported in the news: On Sunday night, two individuals, quite likely members of a militant group, broke into the home of Liberation War Museum Trustee Dr Sarwar Ali, and held his family members hostage at knife-point.

Fortunately, the hostages, Dr Ali’s daughter and son-in-law, managed to push the attackers out of the apartment and call the police. This was a close call, but our law enforcement officers now need to pay close attention to the evolving methods of militants.

Namely, they seem to be looking to harm soft targets -- private individuals who may not be surrounded by a high amount of security, or may not have the resources to retaliate effectively.

But in the fight against militancy, it is of utmost importance that we recognize this threat, and show zero tolerance for it. Under no circumstances can militants be given the impression that it is OK to break into someone’s house in this way.

The last thing we need in 2020 is a resurgence of terrorism and militant activity -- we have a long way, and cannot turn back. Let us step this fight, and recognize these new patterns of militancy, and nip them in the bud.

We must always stay a step ahead of terrorists, and on that front, our counter-terrorism and law enforcement agencies now have their work cut out for them.