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Building a solid foundation

  • Published at 11:00 pm January 27th, 2020
mobile network
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It is more important to build a strong foundation upon which we can iterate

It goes without saying that the government’s Digital Bangladesh manifesto has seen the country accomplish unparalleled achievements, and we are firmly on the path towards breaking new grounds when it comes to our development.

However, what must be remembered is that while progress is naturally desirable for any economy -- particularly for a developing nation such as Bangladesh -- it is important that we have a firm understanding of our existing capacities before moving forward to future initiatives.

Our mobile network is one such field. While the progress that our telecommunication sector has made over the past decade has been nothing short of remarkable, there remains more work to be done.

To that end, it would be wise to pay heed to the words of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) CEO who opined that the current 4G services in Bangladesh are not up to the mark, and therefore, the country should proceed with caution in adopting 5G technology.

While there is little doubt that the potential for ICT in Bangladesh is massive and we are only going to get better with time, there is little use moving forward with new technologies without addressing issues with the existing ones.

Additionally, employing 5G technology would incur significant costs, and there is little to gain for Bangladesh for spending money on technology it is not completely ready for yet. 

Plenty of areas outside of the capital and major cities are yet to fully enjoy 3G and 4G facilities, and it would appear to be a much wiser plan to address these shortcomings first. 

Therefore, while 5G technology is indeed the future, and will be an integral component for Bangladesh’s ongoing march towards progress, it is more important to build a strong foundation upon which we can iterate.