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Science takes us forward

  • Published at 11:00 pm February 15th, 2020

There is still a lot of room for the proliferation of science

Bangladesh stands to gain a lot by focusing on science and research.

Issues such as hunger, poverty, and, most pressingly, climate change are hindering us from keeping up with the rest of the developed world and reaching our full potential -- issues that can be solved, or at least lessened to a great degree, through science and research.

While the government’s Digital Bangladesh initiative has indeed propelled our nation well beyond where we were even a decade ago, there is still a lot of room for the proliferation of science: Most importantly in academia.

To that end, the recent announcement of an overhaul of the national curriculum, where a mixture of subjects from the arts, science, and commerce would be taught, instead of students having to choose a discipline at an earlier stage of education, could prove instrumental.

It can, theoretically, expose students to the discipline they naturally gravitate to, instead of artificially, and often forcibly, studying subjects that they have no natural interest in.

Another aspect that needs more focus is conducting more science research in our universities. It is unfortunate that, to this day, universities in our country still remain very teaching-based and not research-based. While there are exceptions to the rule, this culture needs to shift soon if we wish to keep up with the rest of the world when it comes to providing progressive research.

Bangladesh might yet be a developing nation, but that does not mean we cannot control our path in the coming years. And the only conceivable way of controlling our path is to focus on science and encouraging more scientific research.