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Going global with Bangladeshi smartphones

  • Published at 12:00 am February 20th, 2020

This could be the first step to witnessing a boom in our export of electronic and other ICT products

The news that a smartphone manufactured in Bangladesh by Walton is about to be exported to the US market is excellent news, and is testament to the potential of our ICT sector, and what it can continue to achieve.

It is indeed a milestone for Bangladesh and its electronics and ICT sector; Bangladesh has never been viewed as an exporter of quality electronic products, but with Walton’s smartphones now finding a place in the US, this could be the first step to witnessing a boom in our export of electronic and other ICT products.

As a growing economy, Bangladesh has, for too long, relied almost exclusively on its RMG sector when it comes to generating exports. This is not a sustainable solution for any economy, and diversifying our export basket has always been among the most pressing of issues for our economy.

Therefore, the fact that we are now starting to see exports from our electronics and ICT sector is indeed very encouraging news. 

Above all, our ICT sector reaching its full potential will open up new avenues for investment, not to mention that the export earnings will provide our overall economy with a significant boost.

Therefore, it is important that we do not get complacent now; Bangladesh still has a relatively young ICT sector, which has the potential to grow much more. It is important that the government, and all relevant authorities and stakeholders, continue to do what is necessary to support this sector.