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Compassion for animals makes us human

  • Published at 07:52 pm April 15th, 2020
Coronavirus pandemic: Will stray animals survive?
Photo: Collected

There is no government allocation at this time to help these animals

Much has been said about the devastating toll the Covid-19 pandemic has taken on the world, but one segment of the suffering population has often been left out of the conversation -- stray animals.

Ever since the countrywide shutdown started, thousands upon thousands of stray animals in the country that subsist on leftover food from hotels and restaurants have been threatened with starvation. We must recognize that the suffering of animals is suffering all the same.

Not surprisingly, there is no government allocation at this time to help these animals, with all relief efforts going elsewhere. To that end, it is good to see that several volunteer organizations have come forward to lend a helping hand.

Organizations like People for Animal Welfare (PAW), Obhoyaronno, Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation, Eco-Savers Foundation, and Robin Hood The Animal Rescuer, deserve to be commended for their efforts to ease the suffering of animals in a time that is trying for all of us.

Last year, the government passed the Animal Welfare Act, but regrettably, this act did not mention anything regarding food allocation for stray animals during an emergency situation, such as the pandemic we are currently witnessing.

Many will argue that with so many pressing concerns looming over our heads, such as the race for a vaccine, or the protection of our industries, or the feeding of low income households, animals are hardly a priority. But on the contrary, it is our compassionate treatment of helpless creatures that makes us human. Let us not lose this humanity during this crisis.