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At a time of crisis, research and education cannot stop

  • Published at 07:59 pm May 12th, 2020
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Now is the time to feed and stimulate the brains of the nation

Right now, the brightest minds in the world are scrambling to find solutions to the pandemic we are facing. This is a problem, no doubt, that needs to be tackled from numerous angles. 

First and foremost, there is the search for a vaccine, on which scientists are currently working round the clock. Other ramifications on the pandemic involve solutions to business, travel, health care in general, transportation, and of course, the continuation of education. 

Ultimately, younger generations will come up with new ways of thinking for a post-pandemic world, that is, not only how to deal with the aftermath of Covid-19, but preventing things like this from happening again. 

What kind of medical research needs to be done? What is the best way to run a firm? These questions will be answered by highly educated minds coming out of top-quality research and educational institutions. 

It is of paramount importance, then, that amidst this crisis where social distancing is crucial, education itself does not stop, and inquiring young minds get their full opportunity to be nourished. 

Of course, this means embracing alternatives. Right now, it is good to see that online education has taken off in a number of places, but some institutions, Dhaka University being a notable example, are lagging behind in this regard. 

We must understand that now is the time to feed and stimulate the brains of the nation; now, more than ever, we need to go back to school, even if the way of going back to school is transformed. 

Technology always changes the way education institutions function, crisis, or not. This crisis, then, can be used as an opportunity to speed up the implementation of certain technologies in our institutions which have been inevitable regardless.