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A different kind of Eid

  • Published at 11:14 pm May 22nd, 2020
Eid Mubarak

At this point, we cannot afford to take any more chances

Eid-ul-Fitr -- one of the two most important Islamic holidays of the calendar -- is upon us.

But as it goes without saying, this Eid, unlike the ones in past years, is particularly a time for caution, and for exercising responsibility.

Of course, this will also be a time for joy, and the blessings that come after a month of fasting. However, it is absolutely essential that we follow the directives issued by the government to not crowd tourist spots or, in fact, any public place.

The coronavirus has already caused massive loss of life and economic damage throughout the globe, and Bangladesh has been no exception, with over 28,000 confirmed cases and over 400 deaths.

At this point, we cannot afford to take any more chances.

The recent easing of lockdown across shopping centres has already seen people throng and gather without maintaining any sort of social distancing in place.

While there could be an argument made for whether, considering our massive population density and lack of infrastructure, social distancing in certain places is even possible, when it comes to tourist spots or on the occasion of Eid, we can definitely take the step as citizens to ensure that the current situation is not worsened by careless socializing.

While the government has a duty to provide us with the best treatment it can, we must understand that beating the virus will require a concerted effort.

This means that we, as citizens, need to be more wary of the risks we take, and take preventative measures to ensure more lives are not lost.

And the most effective measure in this regard will be to refrain from crowding in places, be it on the occasion of Eid or otherwise, so that social distancing is maintained. 

So in the spirit of health and safety, we wish our readers a heartiest Eid Mubarak.