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ED: Let’s get digitally literate

  • Published at 08:53 pm June 15th, 2020
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There needs to be a well-planned and comprehensive digital education program

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way of doing things. Many across the country, indeed across the world, are working from home, and this has been made possible through technology. However, this transition to the normal is being held back for many due to digital illiteracy.

For example, there are reports that lawyers all over the country are facing difficulties participating in virtual courts due to their inability to properly use computers or the internet. No doubt, in spite of chanting slogans of Digital Bangladesh for the past 10 years, we have a very long way to go to actually bring our people up to speed.

Many of these lawyers, who have said they support the digitization of court procedures, are unwilling to conduct court activities online. But at a time like this, when physically congregating could pose serious risks of the spread of Covid-19, carrying on operations as usual is not a wise idea.

There needs to be a well-planned and comprehensive digital education program which develops basic computer and internet skills in everyone. There is very little excuse, in the times we live in, to be in the dark about technology, pandemic or not. In fact, minimum digital literacy should be a necessary qualification for most jobs in the legal, administrative, or education sectors.

We are at a juncture where many will not have the luxury to keep doing things the old way. We have editorialized before about the need to bone up on digital skills across the board, even before the pandemic, because that is simply the direction the world is going. Now, with Covid-19 making physical distancing a necessity, we have no choice.