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ED: Get to the truth

  • Published at 09:00 pm August 10th, 2020
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We need a system where perpetrators are held accountable

What we know is that Retired Major Sinha was shot dead at a police check-post in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar. What we also know is that this is not the first time an extra-judicial killing has shaken the nation -- Sinha’s killing is only the latest headline-maker in what is by now a very long list of killings and disappearances. But there is much regarding this killing that we do not know, and we ask the authorities to get to cut through the confusion and bring those facts to light.

Contradictions abound in the various documents pertaining to the case, making it look as though the truth is being deliberately obfuscated. Contradictions abound between the case statement, inquest report, and leaked telephone conversations between senior police officials. 

Instead of shedding light on the killing to put the public at ease, the contradictions have raised even more questions, heightening the general level of anxiety in a country that already has its plate full in terms of crises to manage. 

It is cause for deep concern that the two witnesses named in the arms and narcotics case filed by the police in this connection seem completely unaware of the incident. The case statement says four shots were fired while the body was found to have six gunshot wounds. The statement also said Sinha had drugs in his possession, but drugs are never mentioned in the leaked phone conversation. These are just a few indicators that the truth is being swept under the rug.

We need a system where perpetrators are held accountable. Certainly, the facts of the killing of an esteemed official cannot be allowed to be buried under confusion and misinformation. The authorities are urged to get to the clear, unambiguous truth of the matter and make sure justice is carried out with full transparency.