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ED: A framework for a higher standard

  • Published at 10:50 pm September 16th, 2020
School students education exam
Photo: Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

It is the students of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow

Bangladesh has lofty ambitions for the immediate future, and education will be one of the foundations upon which our success in hitting these goals will be determined.  

There is simply no substitute for quality education, and for any country to prosper, it must ensure that certain basic standards are met. To that end, it is extremely encouraging to see that the Bangladesh government has decided to have a uniform national qualifications framework in place.  

This will help to ensure global standards in education, and should serve as the foundation on which
we can transform our education sector. In the past, we have editorialized several times on our education sector and its need for reforms -- too often, the content of the lessons, the method of delivery, or the structuring of the courses do not align with what is required in today’s ever-changing world.  

This leaves students unable to cope with the expectations of the real world, and unequipped with the necessary skills and thinking capacity. 

However, with the national qualifications framework in place, there is reason to be hopeful, and credit should go to the government for understanding the seriousness of prioritizing our education. 

What is important now is to not cause any delays. In the past, we have seen good ideas proposed but ultimately scrapped or delayed significantly because of a lack of urgency. When it comes to education, this simply should not be tolerated. 

It is the students of today who will become the leaders of tomorrow, and if Bangladesh is to fulfill all its ambitions and goals, it needs its education to be the best it can be -- this means striving for global standards.