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ED: A viable source of energy

  • Published at 01:08 am September 20th, 2020
Power plant

Power generation will continue to be extremely important for a country growing at such a rapid pace

The Bangladesh government greenlighting the proposal to establish the country’s first ever waste-based power plant is a laudatory decision, and is a step in the right direction as far as power generation is concerned.

The power plant, which is to be based in Jalkuri in Narayanganj, is set to have a capacity of six megawatts, and could be a major breakthrough as far as power generation, as well as waste management is concerned in Bangladesh.

Waste management has been an area of contention for the government for a while now, and this unchecked waste, particularly in landfills, consistently threatens our natural environment and water bodies, contributing to their eventual degradation.

To that end, a sustainable and extremely productive solution would be to invest in turning this solid waste into usable energy and power. Not only would that address the waste management woes in the country, but would also provide another viable option to generate power.

However, while the proposal has been placed, it is now imperative that the project does not suffer the same consequences as so many others before it. Coming up with solutions will only matter if these solutions are implemented and completed. As such, all concerned parties must do their part to ensure that this project is successfully implemented.

While the days of extreme load shedding and the majority of the country lacking access to electricity are behind us, power generation will continue to be extremely important for a country growing at such a rapid pace. Therefore, should the power plant in Narayanganj prove to be successful, it would bode well for the government to invest in similar innovative power generation solutions.