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ED: Partnerships make us stronger

  • Published at 12:21 am September 25th, 2020
Sweden Bangladesh

Sweden has been of Bangladesh’s most fruitful relationships, going back nearly 50 years

One of the ways in which the current government has ensured a path towards sustainable development has been through creating and fostering relationships with nations, making friends with global and regional powers.

This has allowed Bangladesh to create win-win situations with developing nations for mutual benefit and with developed nations for trade, aid, guidance, and support in a variety of industries and issues.

In this regard, Sweden has been of Bangladesh’s most fruitful relationships, and one of its oldest ones as well, going back nearly 50 years.

It was encouraging to see the newly-appointed Swedish Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexandra Berg von Linde recognize the strength of bilateral relations between our nations and go on to say that that she looked forward to forging an even stronger partnership.

This is reflected in the in the multifaceted nature of our trade ties with Sweden but, more importantly perhaps, the European nation has continued to support our development and helping us in our time of need -- for example, Sweden has allocated 90 million Swedish krona in support of Bangladesh’s fight against the coronavirus.

What is more: Sweden has been one of our biggest partners with regards to tackling the Rohingya crisis, providing assistance to a million refugees in the process.

In an increasingly globalized world, the relationships we foster with foreign nations are an instrumental component of any nation’s growth trajectory, and we have no doubt that the appointment of Ambassador Linde will continue to propel Bangladesh’s relationship with Sweden to new heights.