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ED: Gender has nothing to do with the ability to do a job

  • Published at 02:23 am January 15th, 2021
marriage certificate

We hope the ruling will be reversed as soon as possible

In this day and age, the thought that a person could barred from any kind of employment on the basis of sex, is downright offensive. But that is exactly what has recently happened to a woman who sought to become a marriage registrar.  

The female applicant’s application to become a marriage registrar was rejected on the grounds of her sex, and no other factor. This sexist and retrograde culture that is pervasive all across our judiciary is nothing if not worrying.

In their own words: “Due to certain physical conditions, a woman cannot enter the mosque during a certain time of the month [menstruation]. She is even excused from performing the mandatory daily prayers during this particular time.”

It is difficult to fathom the backwardness of this kind of thinking, and we hope the ruling will be reversed as soon as possible. Not only does this kind of gender discrimination go directly against the constitution, which ensures equality for all citizens, regardless of gender and sex, there was also an attempt made to defend the ruling through religion, despite many other nations, Islamic or otherwise, having female Muslim marriage registrars, such as Egypt and India. In fact, in Islam (unlike in Christianity), marriage is a contract and not a sacrament, so this judgement is religiously illiterate as well as morally preposterous.

At the end of the day, the registrar’s job is not to perform marriages, but to merely carry out a duty as a government employee, and it is disheartening to see such discrimination being carried out with religion being used as an excuse.

We have a long way to go towards proving to ourselves that our legal institutions are free from any kind of misogyny or unfair treatment. This particular case is just part of a much larger systemic problem that keeps women of this country from pursuing their desired careers. We need to be more enlightened.