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ED: A clear step towards a Digital Bangladesh

  • Published at 01:43 am January 16th, 2021

Digital services should be adopted and made more widely available

If there is one initiative that can highlight the realization of Digital Bangladesh and the efficiency and inclusivity afforded by adopting technology into government-run services, it is the latest decision by the current administration to send allowances directly the mobile wallets of beneficiaries under the various social security network programs.

The added benefit of such an initiative is the removal of any middlemen in the process, the existence of whom have more often than not resulted in the higher levels of corruption and significant abuse of power, with the beneficiaries receiving little or being taken advantage of.

Digital banking has revolutionized banking for the poor, allowing many across the country to harness basic banking services and earn a living without having to meet the higher standards and often more expensive services provided by bigger banks.

It is also indication of the efforts taken by the current government to further the vision of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the ideals on which this country was founded -- the expansion of the social security net through stipends such as these has been a major factor in Bangladesh’s economy continuing to grow -- albeit at a slower rate, even during a pandemic.

Digital services should be adopted and made more widely available wherever possible, especially when it comes to government services, as it not only eliminates corruption, but also ensures that critical and crucial services reach the people who need them on time.

We commend the government for the initiative taken, and hope to see more such services being offered in this manner in the future.