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ED: Getting ready for 4IR

  • Published at 08:36 am June 1st, 2021
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This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking project that Bangladesh needs

While it may not be obvious to everyone just yet, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already here, with radical changes to manufacturing and industry. The Covid-19 pandemic may have somewhat accelerated the move towards digital practices, and it is clear that now there is no turning back. We must brace for the future, and new forms of technology need to be embraced.

Bangladesh will not be left behind: It is wonderful to see that the Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (Bepza) is all set to prioritize IT, electronics, spare parts, and computer accessories at the Bepza Economic Zone in Chittagong.

With 90% of the work on the first phase already completed, there is good reason to hope that companies will be able to start building their own infrastructure by September or October, and that the entire project will be complete by 2023. This is exactly the kind of forward-thinking project that Bangladesh needs.

While there will be some backward linkages to RMG, it is good to see that industries of the future are now getting more attention. Our economy owes a tremendous debt to RMG, but we need to advance in other areas, particularly at a time when we have witnessed a global pandemic, with so many businesses going under. We need to brace for disasters, and make headways into industries that are hurt less by such unforeseen catastrophes.

Bangladesh still has a long way to go in terms of catching up with developed nations in IT-based industries. But we are on the right track. We will get there.