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ED: Working together to turn plans into reality

  • Published at 10:41 am June 7th, 2021
Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh, unfortunately, has oftentimes failed to lead plans to fruition

With the new budget for the upcoming fiscal year proposed, the government has earmarked new mega-projects on which to begin construction. This ambition is appreciated -- and undoubtedly hints at the government’s intention to continuously think about creating a better home for the people of this nation. 

Yet, as experts have rightfully pointed out, this approach, of beginning the construction of new mega-projects while existing ones are yet to be completed, would be an error on the part of the authorities concerned.

This is particularly true in the middle of a global pandemic -- and dealing with it should remain our number one priority. During such a time, allocating such a significant chunk of the budget to new projects may have been a bit riskier than we would have been comfortable with, but we hope that the government remains adaptive to new situations and reallocates resources accordingly, if and when the need arises. 

While the introduction of anything new -- be they ideas or another mega-project -- brings with it exciting new possibilities, the fact remains that it is the successful implementation and subsequent completion of the idea or project that ultimately yields benefits for the people.

Bangladesh, unfortunately, has oftentimes failed to lead plans to fruition, either due to bureaucratic bottlenecks or unacceptable levels of incompetence. 

We can no longer afford such inefficiencies in our midst and must work together to ensure that these projects are completed in their entirety. A repetition of the past in this regard would not only be just another tragic failure, but also an insult to the great journey of progress we have made so far.