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ED: Persons with disabilities deserve better care

  • Published at 07:14 am June 9th, 2021

This shows a short-sightedness and a lack of vision for how society can be rebuilt to be better

The current budget, so ambitious in so many ways, neglects one of the groups that needs the most assistance: Persons with disabilities. The neglect seen in the budget is reflective of a much deeper attitude embedded within our society -- the idea that disabled people are unproductive, and that therefore investing in them is not worth it. 

Only 2.07% of the allocation for social safety net programs has been allocated to persons with disabilities, a minuscule 0.37% of the total budget. As experts have correctly pointed out, this is not nearly enough. 

This budget, a people-pleaser in many respects, has been unfair to not only persons with disabilities, but also the health and education sectors. This shows a short-sightedness and a lack of vision for how society can be rebuilt to be better. If we can leave behind our retrograde attitudes towards disabilities and really learn to take care of this segment, they will give back tenfold, and enrich our country. We must, as a culture, understand that disability does not mean inability, and sometimes, a person with a disability simply needs a little help to get started. 

At the end of the day, no human is totally self-sufficient: We all need help. The pandemic hit businesses hard. The government, considering people’s livelihoods, had to make some concessions. There were relief efforts. 

The population of persons with disabilities has been hit extra-hard since the pandemic began. They are the ones most in need of attention. Neglecting them can hardly be justified.