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ED: Leading the charge against climate change

  • Published at 02:17 am July 17th, 2021
Climate change

It is imperative that we take massive strides in global cooperation


It is encouraging to see the UNHCR adopt a resolution proposed by Bangladesh -- along with Vietnam and the Philippines -- that focuses on climate change and the adverse effects brought on as a result, especially on vulnerable groups such as the disabled and the elderly.

As one of the most affected nations when it comes to climate change, Bangladesh has been leading the fight against climate change and ensuring that industrialized nations, which use the most resources and as such contribute the most to climate change, take responsibility for their role and aid lesser developed nations such as ours in mitigating the circumstances.

In addition, the resolution’s focus on human rights is another step forward in the right direction, as those with disabilities and without the capacity to take care of themselves are, expectedly, affected much more and require additional assistance from the government in order to ensure their continued survival and maintenance of a healthy life.

One of the most important roles that developed nations can play in this regard is by assisting nations such as ours to adopt technologies that help in this regard, and in addition to financial aid, this will go a long way towards ensuring that we are prepared in the fight against climate change, which has already begun, but will no doubt get more challenging in the near future.

Even at this rate, and with the coronavirus still raging through the world, it is imperative that we take massive strides in global cooperation, without which any fight against climate change will at the end of the day remain futile at best.