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ED: Let not the joy of Eid turn into tragedy

  • Published at 03:11 am July 20th, 2021
Covid deaths

All Covid protocols should be maintained

The numbers paint a grim picture: There can be no denying that Covid-19 deaths in Bangladesh right now are at an all-time high. On most days, we are seeing in excess of 200 deaths per day, with a daily infection rate near 15,000. These numbers should make us stop in our tracks, because if we are not careful, a lot could go horribly wrong.

Recently, the government imposed a lockdown, having recognized that we are going through a dangerous time, with the Delta variant wreaking havoc on the country. But now that the lockdown has been lifted for Eid, we are back in a precarious situation. As aerial photographs show, cattle markets are abuzz, and as with every year, there is a mad rush to go home. All of these places stand to become hotbeds for Covid-19.

Eid, which is meant to be a celebratory time, could well turn into tragedy if infection rates are allowed to rise. This Eid, then, must be a different kind of Eid in the sense that we must exercise a greater level of responsibility and restraint in our celebrations. All Covid protocols should be maintained, and to that end, social distancing, hand-washing and sanitizing, and the wearing of masks when near others, are still mandatory. Let us not let the joy and solemnity of Eid-ul-Azha turn into tragedy through even more Covid-19 deaths.

Eid-ul-Azha teaches us the spirit of charity and sacrifice. Surely, at a time when the world is going through an unprecedented crisis, it makes sense to sacrifice some of our usual comforts, desires, and merry-making, to exercise greater responsibility to help bring this terrible pandemic under control. The behaviour of every single one of us, in this regard, could make a sizeable difference.