• Monday, Aug 15, 2022
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ED: Don’t let vaccination centres become Covid hotspots

  • Published at 02:36 am August 10th, 2021

These health centres are becoming breeding spots for the very thing they are supposed to fight

While there was some stumbling by the government during the early days of vaccination with regard to supply, it looks like we are well on our way towards recovery. Not only that, the rapid establishment of different vaccination centres across the country and the scope for walk-in shots definitely deserves praise. Vaccination registration numbers shooting past 20 million in the past few weeks alone is a testament to that.

That is why it is all the more painful to see the mismanagement and the failure to impose social distancing rules at these centres. Experts have warned against these centres becoming hotspots for transmission, and with the mismanagement of crowds and many people reporting not even getting an alcohol rub on their arms -- something even the crowded malls and restaurants have been able to manage -- these health centres are becoming breeding spots for the very thing they are supposed to fight.

The experts are right to be gravely concerned about this, and we should be as well. Again, the steps the government has taken to make vaccination possible on such a large scale are highly commendable.

But they need to do better and focus on the management aspects as well -- and make sure that these places are safe enough so that people can get their shots without worry. This pandemic has tested us in ways we have never been tested before, and as an overcrowded nation, we face challenges that other nations do not. We must listen to the experts in that regard, and meet these challenges in a scientific and well-planned manner.