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ED: Why were we unprepared … again?

  • Published at 02:27 am August 20th, 2021
River Erosion

Nearly 60,000 families in Rajshahi division are finding their homes flooded

It has only been a few weeks since we last saw rivers overflowing and destroying the homes and livelihoods of people in Khulna and Bagerhat, leading to more than 50,000 families marooned across several upazilas -- they were forced to move to drier land in order to save themselves at the cost of everything they owned, with the overall damage estimated to have been over Tk11 crore.

This is no small amount, and this is no small suffering.

By all accounts, it seems that we were aware of the fact that floods were on the way, but we watched as the river water levels rose, flooding homes, destroying lives.

Fast forward a few weeks and, once again, with the water levels having risen in the Padma and Jamuna rivers, this time nearly 60,000 families in Rajshahi division are finding their homes flooded, and they are seeking shelter on higher ground. Vast amounts of crops have also been damaged. 

Despite assurances from the authorities that we are ready to deal with whatever level of flooding that may come our way, and assurances that they are constantly monitoring the situation, it seems that that there is no way we can figure out a way to prevent this needless suffering from becoming a recurring nightmare.

It is about time that questions were asked of the authorities in charge as to why the lives and possessions of Bangladeshis must drown in so predictable a manner, and why there has not yet been a permanent solution that can stop this once and for all.

Until then, homes, farms, and people’s lives will continue to be washed away, every year, to a most predictable disaster.