• Friday, Aug 12, 2022
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ED: Prepare for the floods

  • Published at 04:51 am August 24th, 2021

Floods have caused enough suffering to the people

As we have editorialized before, it is imperative that we take preventative action when it comes to flooding in regions which rest on riverbanks and alongside the coast.

We have seen, year on year, how the monsoon season leads to an exponential rise in the water levels in the rivers, leading to overflow which in turn causes homes and livelihoods to submerge in the subsequent floods.

This causes immense suffering to the people of this country, as they seek higher ground but at the cost of leaving all their possessions behind and watching as their livelihoods get destroyed in the process.

At this point in time, the water level of rivers in northern regions of Bangladesh have increased to well over the designated danger zone and will continue to rise over the next 24 hours according to observers.

With this being the current situation, the last thing we want is a repetition of history, where once again, we find people in nearby regions running for shelter as their lives and livelihoods get washed away in the ensuing floods. The authorities must do everything in their power to ensure that this does not happen, and such a catastrophic outcome is prevented.

We have enough experience with such occurrences to put measures into place that will prevent the flooding and, if the worst happens, ensure that those affected are provided for and have ways through which they can get back to their homes and livelihoods.

Floods have caused enough suffering to the people of this country – it is about time this was no longer the case.