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ED: A bold step in the right direction

  • Published at 12:20 am September 15th, 2021

What students are being taught in the first place needs to reflect the realities of the age

Kudos to the government for finally making some much-needed reforms when it comes to the education sector of Bangladesh -- decisions that will affect younger students in particular, not just during their schools lives, but later on when they go out into the world. From a mass change where students up to class 3 will have no exams, to a more nuanced change where there will be no public exams before class 10, and even the SSC will be based on the curriculum taught only in class 10, to say that the changes are positive would be an understatement. 

A lot of these decisions will change things in a radical way, and are more than welcome in the ever-changing environment of the 21st century. The decision regarding public exams makes perfect sense, as it has been long known by educational specialists that subjecting children to rigorous exams too early in life does not facilitate cognitive development or learning, and may, in fact, backfire. 

But there is still much work to be done. For example, one of the decisions is the elimination of the current subject-based grouping in high school and college. To this should be added a revamping of the curriculum. What students are being taught in the first place needs to reflect the realities of the age. 

It is all too easy to find fault, however, with the current education system, and overhauling it is a daunting task. The Education Ministry has taken a bold step in the right direction, and no doubt, the ministry will be facing criticisms from various sectors that are too accustomed to the old system. We cannot let these criticisms hold us back. 

Our schooling system must move forward, not backward, and even greater reform will, no doubt, be needed somewhere down the road. Let us hope the government can stay on course.