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ED: For a safer and smoother gas supply

  • Published at 03:57 am September 19th, 2021
gas cylinder

Safety is finally being made a priority

It is good to see that Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company has taken up a significant project to overhaul its older gas pipelines in Dhaka city. Not only will this help the flow of the gas coming into the households, but even more importantly, it will go a long way to ensuring that it does so in a much safer manner.

Gas line explosions and fires have become much too commonplace; faulty and leaky gas lines have been responsible for a number of explosions and fires, including the fire at Moghbazar in June that killed at least six people and injured several others.

The incident at Moghbazar is just one of many accidents, and it is good to see that Titas is first of all acknowledging that the issue exists and persists. Identification is the first step to solving any problem, and while we would have liked to see such identifications made much earlier, it is better late than never.

Now that the problem has been identified and the project proposed, it is extremely important that this does not join the long list of promising plans that never end up seeing the light of day, and are abruptly shelved at the planning stage.

This will be an extremely important project -- many have lost their lives as a result of leaky gas lines. Therefore, Titas and any other relevant stakeholders or authorities concerned who will be part of this project must be empowered and simultaneously held accountable, so that a project of this magnitude is completed and implemented. Safety is finally being made a priority, so let us do this right.