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ED: The time to act is now

  • Published at 10:31 am September 20th, 2021
climate change

Time is running out and we cannot wait any longer

As some of the largest polluters in the world and, thereby, among the largest contributors to climate change, we cannot help but agree with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina calling on the world’s major economies to stand up and take responsibility towards ensuring a more sustainable future.

This call for action came at an event convened by US President Joe Biden, and with COP26 scheduled to begin on November 1 this year in Glasgow, this could not have come at a better time.

The PM put forth five proposals necessary as we move towards a more sustainable future, including the aforementioned, in addition to further commitment to the annual $100 billion climate fund and renewable sources of energy.

When it comes to fighting climate change, due to its globalized impact, the world must work together to ensure that the global temperature rise remains within 1.5C in the next several decades.

According to experts, in order to have any hope of doing so, we must take radical measures right now, and the developed world -- as contributors and also as the ones with the technology and resources -- have a duty to ensure that poorer nations receive the support they need.

This support, as the PM has highlighted, must not only come in the form of financial aid, but also with the share of technological advancements that have allowed for greener initiatives to be taken in their respective countries.

Further encouraging was her highlighting the plight of the oft-forgotten people who are forcefully displaced as a consequence of the volatile effects of climate change, and there must be a worldwide effort to ensure that they are rehabilitated.

Time is running out and we cannot wait any longer;  if we are to have any hope of having a sustainable future to leave for our children, the global leaders must act immediately.