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ED: For a timely LDC graduation

  • Published at 02:18 am September 26th, 2021
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The developed world has a role to play in facilitating this graduation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s message to the developed world at the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) is both timely and relevant, and we hope that this message is heeded and treated with the importance it deserves.

Bangladesh has been able to defy all odds and exceed all expectations in its march to becoming a middle income nation. Yet, there remain plenty of areas where Bangladesh, and indeed other nations similar to Bangladesh economically, deserve more support from the international community so that they are not held back and are able to fulfill their full potential as economies.

Among these include, first and foremost, universal and affordable access to the Covid-19 vaccine. There is no way out of this pandemic without vaccination, and the fact that 84% of vaccine doses have so far gone to affluent economies, while low-income countries have received less than 1% of them is a shame, and a collective failure of what is supposed to be a globalized world.

Moreover, this collective failure continues in the form of the lack of support Bangladesh has received with regards to repatriating the Rohingya; Bangladesh has gone above and beyond its call of duty in sheltering the Rohingya, but ultimately, the Rohingya are citizens of Myanmar, and the international community has a duty to put pressure on the Myanmar regime to take back its own citizens and provide them with all the rights that any citizen deserves.

Yes, Bangladesh is well on its way to graduating to a middle income economy, but the developed world has a role to play in facilitating this graduation, and it can do so by addressing certain issues that should have been addressed already.