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ED: Greater bandwidth is a major step towards Digital Bangladesh

  • Published at 02:30 am September 26th, 2021

Despite major cities enjoying relatively smooth internet connectivity, our rural areas lack these facilities

It is extremely encouraging to see that the government has signed an agreement for the construction of a third submarine cable. This third submarine cable should go a long way to ensuring our connectivity and bandwidth are improved even further, and this is an area that Bangladesh has unfortunately continued to lag behind in.

Ever since 2008, when the government announced the Digital Bangladesh manifesto, the country has been on an upward trajectory when it comes to increasing our digital capacities. Yet, as Bangladesh continues to develop, so does its demand for more digitalization, and more ways to implement digital means in our everyday lives.

Thus, with this third submarine cable, set to finish in 2024, there is hope that our increasing demand for bandwidth would be satiated. Yet, it is evident that, in order to truly become a Digital Bangladesh, there is much more work to be done. Digitization is not just about infrastructure, but for the very concept of digitization to be implemented across the board. This means education, health care, security, and freedom -- in all, a complete digital roadmap, that is developed in a holistic, equitable manner.

As Bangladesh moves into the future, digitization, and by extension, internet connectivity will continue to be more and more important. To this day, despite major cities enjoying relatively smooth internet connectivity, our rural areas lack these facilities. It is only when internet connectivity is equitable, and the entirety of Bangladesh enjoys low-cost, high-speed internet will we truly be a Digital Bangladesh.