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ED: A roadmap to recovery

  • Published at 06:35 am October 9th, 2021

It makes sense to share the formula for the vaccine

It is good to see Bangladesh advocating for an equitable roadmap out of Covid-19. Bangladesh’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Rabab Fatima, recently attended the general debate of the second committee of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. During her address, she has advocated for sharing the technologies and blueprints behind vaccines with capable developing countries, as jab production could ensure vaccine equality. 

There should not be a single doubt to the importance of vaccines when it comes to ending this pandemic, and Bangladesh is on the right track when it says that more nations have to be given the formula and productions have to be amped up. 

While the global vaccination drive is almost six months old at this point, most of the benefits of this drive have gone to developed countries, leaving developing countries to rot. This has caused the vaccine to mutate, which poses the danger that the virus might become so dangerous that all vaccines become obsolete. As such, it makes sense to share the formula for the vaccine, and make sure that this pandemic is ended once and for all. 

Furthermore, the pandemic has decimated global economies. In order to re-start them, it is paramount that there is an abundance of workers, ie there is an influx of migrant workers from developing countries. Since the economies of developing countries are in shambles, it would be better if citizens of developed nations could find jobs abroad. 

A step like this would ensure a constant supply of manpower for developed countries and remittance for developing countries. Steps like this are good for jumpstarting the economy, and jumpstarting the economy is the need of the hour.