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Dear Men

  • Published at 06:38 pm March 21st, 2017
Dear Men

So, it was International Women’s Day a few weeks ago. But I personally call it International Sulking Day.

Are you a sad male who feels neglected and unwanted?

Do you think that women have been given too much importance lately?

Do you feel the need to ask every year on a “special” day, especially dedicated to the contributions of the underrepresented “inferior” gender, about the importance of men? Despite the world literally prioritising your sex?

So you must have also been going around protesting in an AIDS awareness program about cancer, right? “What about other diseases?” said by an “other-diseases” activist.

Relax, dear men.

We, the women, share your loneliness. We understand how it feels to be deserted, mistreated, disrespected, and despised. After all, been there and done that, and still going strong.

My apologies. We hope you haven’t had to worry about being raped or molested, every time you were returning home late at night.

We hope you did not have to worry about being killed or disfigured by acid for rejecting an talker (or admirer, to put it mildly). We hope that when you were born, your proud parents were not questioned with: “Why are you celebrating, as if it’s a daughter?” Yeah, right, like that would ever happen.

Regardless of the fact that we have two strong women as leaders of two leading political parties, women in Bangladesh are still not free

We also totally understand if you had been paid less than your female counterpart, for the same job, in the same workplace, because you understandably deserve it more, like always.

Wait, wait, before you all go with the whole #NotAllMen concept, seriously, grow up. Regardless of the fact that this is the 21st century and we have two strong women as leaders of two leading political parties, women in Bangladesh are still not free enough to walk on the streets without being judged, without being explained to about the “societal norms,” without having to walk without any sort of protection.

Dear men, we are not saying that we should ignore or dominate an entire populace of sex who make up the other half of the world’s population. All we are saying is that please understand that every day is men’s day.

Stop acting like grouchy children who cry out when we celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day, asking, “When is Children’s Day?”

Since I am a supporter of all genders, I believe it is my duty to let these lost souls know that Men’s Day is on November 19, but instead of thanking my service, what do I receive? An angry emoji and a brief paragraph on why it is not as widely celebrated as IWD.

I don’t know, dear men, maybe because you guys have not been subjugated and exploited systemically since the dawn of civilisation?

Even if you are given the chance to celebrate your gender’s contributions, why is it that you refuse to change the age-old depiction of patriarchy ruling our society?

Why is it that you don’t fight or even acknowledge your fellow gender being a victim of rape and objectification? Why is it you laugh when a man cries or expresses himself?

Why is it that you feel offended when you are compared to a woman?

Just once, be with us, support us because, without your support we cannot achieve true equality of any sorts. Please stop trying to divert the attention from the actual problem, because it is only this day people choose to hear, to see, and to speak.

So happily celebrate International Women’s Day. Not for someone’s wife, sister, mother or daughter. But as an individual human being who you would respect regardless of gender.

Montaha Chowdhury is a freelance contributor.