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When passion takes over

  • Published at 11:58 pm December 22nd, 2019

You can transform your life with the right mindset

I used to be a walker and it is still one of my greatest interests. It was 2016 and I was really struggling with my weight, work pressure, mental stress, as well as social pressure.People around me often said many things about my weight. I was seriously hurt and could not take any steps for myself initially. 

However, there were some people who understood me and my emotions and motivated me to get out of that frustration. I started walking and it was the beginning of a transformation that I could not realize at that time. There was no specific timeline for my walking; however, I continued walking every day despite a busy schedule. No matter what, I managed time for walking. After two months, I was walking 15 kilometres every day in three and half hours. Many of my friends and colleagues asked me how I managed time and I said that it was a choice. And remember that the choice is yours.

As I was walking regularly and maintaining the timeline religiously, someone gave me the title of “digital hatababa.” I opened a Facebook group and started sharing my activities as well as some probable impacts of those activities. People accepted this very positively and started discussing their health-related problems and possible ways forward with me. After 3-4 months of walking, I reduced my weight by 21kg -- which was very inspiring for many of the people around me.

Suddenly I got some injury in my knee and it took almost 18 months to recover. My passion drove me to restart my walking again in mid-2019, re-start my #digitalhatababa group activities, and start influencing others to do some physical activities.

Like the previous time, I managed to walk 15 kilometres a day in three and a half hours. I was thinking of how I could increase the distance. In my childhood, when I was learning cycling in Barisal city, I used to use declining roads which really helped me learn cycling faster. I used the same learning process for running. After 2 months of trying to run some distance along with walking, I could run two hours continuously. 

I started dreaming of completing a half marathon and, if possible, full marathon in different events arranged in Bangladesh. I attempted to overcome my mental barrier and participated in the Gazipur half marathon and successfully completed it. It was a turn-around for me and a great morale booster that gave me confidence.

Later on, I saw that a full marathon was taking place in Singapore, considered one of the hardest marathons of the world. There were more than 15000 participants from different countries. I took some time to decide whether I should attend this event, and complete it with style while waving my country flag for the first time on a different soil of the world, or whether I should let it go and try some other event. Finally, I decided to participate.

The arrangement was huge, and the event started on time. I started walking and looking for other runners from Bangladesh. When I passed 21.1km in 3 hours I was telling myself that I was half-way through, it was just another 21.1 km more in three and a half hours, I was dreaming of waving Bangladesh’s flag in front of over 15,000 runners from all over the world. I increased my pace and when I crossed 40 kilometres in 5 hours 37 minutes, I pulled out the Bangladesh flag from my pocket and started waving until I covered the finish line. I felt so amazing and proud that I can never explain the feeling.

After this event, I realized that passion actually drives us to go beyond and it helps us achieve many tough things. It is important to know the passion and then work on that passion to convert it into success. We should never stop ourselves to explore challenging things in our life. 

Rezwan Md Chowdhury is Head of Marketing, Chattogram Business Circle, Grameenphone Ltd.