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ED: A country that inspires its youth

  • Published at 08:36 am March 22nd, 2021
bangladesh youth

This will require mutual respect and trust between the government and its younger citizens

The history of Bangladesh -- from before its very independence to the various movements which have continued to define its existence since then -- is one that is inextricably intertwined with its youth.

It is their passion for justice and love for their homeland that has to a great extent brought about some of the most important changes in the socio-cultural landscape.

Today, as Bangladesh approaches its 50th year of independence, we must keep in mind that, in an ever-changing world, it is the coming generation on whom we will rely on to take charge of Bangladesh’s future.

In order to ensure their success in this regard, it is up to us to provide them with the necessary skills and opportunities and, at the same time, include them in the policy-making process of how their nation and its communities are governed.

This will require mutual respect and trust between the government and its younger citizens, which will only come about through policies which pay attention to the issues closest to their hearts and ensure their successful implementation.

In addition, the youth must be empowered through investment in sectors which benefit their standing in the world, especially in education, which has, year after year, not received the attention it deserves in the annual budget.

But, perhaps most significantly, they must be empowered through creating a just nation. This was made evident in a dialogue organized by Jaago in collaboration with The Asia Foundation, in which 64 young political leaders from across the nation called for a more democratic governance system that is transparent, inclusive, and accountable.

Despite Bangladesh’s progress, corruption remains in society, present in both public and private sectors, providing immunity to those who can afford it and who have the right connections.

In order to inspire our youths to care about the future of their country, the country must first show that it cares about them.