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The films that ignited hope in 2016

  • Published at 06:43 pm January 3rd, 2017
The films that ignited hope in 2016

It is generally assumed that a film is only able to generate hope if it is about "hope". But for Bangladesh this is a little different. Films that are able to bring the audience back to the theatres, are the ones that are creating hope for a better future for Bengali cinema. There are ample films that make an observer hopeless about the condition of our film industry. But does the industry only produce disappointing films? Many Bollywood and Hollywood films have disappointed in 2016. Two such examples are Mahenjadaro starring Hrithik Roshan, and the Independence Day sequel, which spectacularly fell short of the hype.

So, instead of disparaging Bangladeshi cinema, let's talk about the films that created hope for the industry.

Ice cream:

Directed by Redoan Rony, the film made an impression on the young audience right after it was released. The newcomers, Kumar Uday, Nazifa Tushi, and Raz, delivered. They brought the characters to life and put their best efforts into playing them. The story deals with coming of age issues faced by modern youth. The way the story is presented provoked thought. The film has glamour and a short story like ending. Overall, the film provides enough reasons for viewers to spend time in the theatre and it certainly points towards a hopeful future for Bangladeshi cinema.


Since a lot has been said about Aynabaji, it's difficult to provide completely fresh perspectives on the film. But even among the things that have been talked about, the story of the film received relatively less attention. No matter how great the director is, or how glamourous the film is, and regardless of the number of celebrities starring, the film never achieve the effects of a great film. It just doesn't "gel".

Aynabaji has been able to grab viewers' attention by the strength of its script, and the twists in the plot. Chanchal Chowdhury's impeccable acting has been incomparable. Chanchal hit the jackpot with his portrayal of different characters with ease. The film certainly raised the bar for Amitabh Reza. Everyone will be expecting him to make films that pull audience to the theatres.


Promotion is expansion – the film abandoned this conventional belief and fared well internationally, but the local audience has been deprived of a good movie. A lot of people are currently watching the film online. Directed by Toukir Ahmed, the film made people think, weep, and kept their attention until the end. Toukir Ahmed's film depicted the lives of expat Bangladeshi workers in different countries in the Middle East. Mosharraf Karim and Fazlur Rahman Babu's performances moved everyone who watched the film. Why Impress Telefilm did not promote a movie with so much potential is a question everyone is wondering about. Regardless, the film has come under the spotlight internationally and to the audience through YouTube. The film has certainly been a beacon of hope for the coutnry's film industry.