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‘Fagun Haway’ trailer raises the bar for Tauquir

  • Published at 08:53 pm January 30th, 2019
fagun hawa
'Fagun Haway,' based on the 1952 Language Movement will be released on February 15 | Facebook

'Fagun Haway' is based on a short story called 'Bou Kotha Kou' by Tito Rahman

Tauquir Ahmed’s film “Fagun Haway” (“In Spring Breeze”), based on the 1952 Language Movement will be released on February 15. The film was previously set to be released on February 8. A two-minute-long trailer of the film was released on January 20 on the official YouTube page of Channel i.

The new release date is in the first weekend of spring, which is even more fitting considering the film’s title. It is also the weekend before International Mother Language Day.

Tauquir Ahmed said: “Since this is a film about the Language Movement, it is most reasonable to release the film in February.”

The film started shooting in March 2018 in Khulna. Nusrat Imrose Tisha and Siam Ahmed play the leading roles in the film. Other major roles are depicted by: Yashpal Sharma (India), Fazlur Rahman Babu, Abul Hayat, Afroza Banu, Saju Khadem, Rownaq Hasan, and Shahidul Alam Sachchu. 

Tauquir shared the trailer on Wednesday saying: " 'Fagun Haway’ is coming this February 15. Set in the backdrop of ’52, it is my sixth film.”

He previously directed: “Joyjatra” (2004), “Rupkathar Golpo” (2006), “Daruchini Dwip” (2007), “Oggatonama” (2016), and his latest “Haldaa” (2017).

In the trailer, Pakistani police officers in Khulna coerce Bangla- speaking workers of the force to speak in Urdu. Dipti’s (Tisha) father is punished for challenging the Pakistanis; and the protagonists start to rebel demanding Bangla be the state language. The trailer ends with a flute rendition of the staple Language Movement song “Amar Bhai er Rokte Rangano Ekushey February.”

The trailer promises to deliver another memorable Tauquir Ahmed film. The warm earthy colour scheme of the film evokes nostalgia. 

Period pieces about political movements seldom hit the mark in terms of gravity and correctness. Especially since this is the first major Bangladeshi feature film about this important movement in history—and the director has had a success streak in recent years—the stakes are as high as they get. 

“Fagun Haway” is based on a short story called “Bou Kotha Kou” by Tito Rahman. It portrays the story of a sub-urban Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) during the time of the Language Movement.