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Siam Ahmed: I would love to play Liberation War martyr Rumi

  • Published at 07:09 pm September 6th, 2019
Actor Siam Ahmed | Facebook

One of the popular actors at present, Siam Ahmed is busy these days with shooting films, dramas and TVCs. In a conversation with DhakaTribune Showtime’s Nazia Adnin, the actor talks about his current works, favourite character to play, acting methods and many more

What are you busy with right now?

Currently, I am passing busy days on the sets of “Paap Punno,”a film directed by Giasuddin Selim. We are still filming. I’m not sure about the release date yet. I am working alongside Chanchal Chowdhury bhai and Fazlur Rahman Babubhai on this film.

You worked with Zahid Hasan on Sprite TVC recently. How was that experience?

This was my second time working with Zahid bhai. Prior to that, I worked with him on a music video titled “Beainshab.” Since then, I wanted to work with him again like everybody else. He is a great actor. It was great to get to work with him again

We had fun on the set of this TVC. In between our shots, we got hit by rains and storms, and we had to rush to the tents for shelter. And those moments were amazing because Zahid bhai talked about his experiences and expectations from actors of our generation. That was the most amazing thing for me. He is one of the legendary actors. I prefer spending time with them and learn from them.

Do you have fascination for any character to play in future?

Plenty. I have plenty of favourite characters that I want to play. Of them, Shaheed Rumi’s character attracts me a lot. When I was a student at Dhaka University, one of the faculties told me that I resembled a young Rumi. I would love to play this role.

I would also love to the play the characters of heroes who have represented our country internationally. For example, if biographical films on Mashrfee Bin Mortaza or Sakib Al Hasan ever get made, I would like to play them on the silver screen.

I also want to play some grey characters.It’s not necessary that we will have to always see the lead protagonists as white characters.

From TVC to drama and finally to silver screen. How difficult or easier was the transition?

You know, 95% of the time I work as per the requirement of the directors and the audience. Whenever I am working for a product or brand, they want to represent the brand through me.So I pay close attention to their expectations.

In the beginning, when I was doing TVCs, I had a younger audience and slowly that audience evolved. Over the time, I started paying attention to play versatile characters as well. I want to play some characters that will satisfy me.

I have been told that I have played several versatile characters and it will not be helpful for me to establish myself in one genre.

Do you have any preferred genre through which you want to establish yourself?

I don’t have any preference in this, but I love drama, realistic drama. Many people think romantic genre is my favourite, but it is not my top priority. As I mentioned already, I have a great urge to play dark characters.

How do you prepare for your character after reading the script? How much time do you give yourself to get into the character?

I have a few strange rules. I follow them because I feel comfortable. I don’t go by the character, I go by the story, and if I am moved the story, then I focus on how my character can help telling that story.

It doesn’t have to be the lead character. If I’m moved emotionally, I decide to play that character.

Any favourite actor whose acting you follow in your career?

There were or are many great actors in Bangladesh. I am a big fan of Salman Shah. He inspired me to be a film actor. HumayunFaridi was a magical actor. If I have to talk about our contemporary actors, Pavelbhai[Azad Abul Kalam]is a brilliant actor, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mamunur Rashid sir, the list is endless.

What is the most favourite character you have played so far?

I don’t have any favourite character as of yet. But I can tell you which character stayed with me for a long time. Tulafrom my film “Dahan.”This character was very difficult for me to play.It also gave me a hard time.