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Rakat Zami’s new song, Flight is a pleasure to the ears

  • Published at 07:27 pm September 19th, 2019
Rakat Zami
Rakat Zami | Courtesy

As an indie artist, Rakat brings a new type of music to the listeners

Flight is a single from the upcoming untitled album by Rakat Zami, who goes by the name, Embers In Snow. The song was released from the Embers In Snow official YouTube channel on September 13. 

A colleague of mine recommended me the song, thus I gave it a listen. Since then, I am hooked to the very soothing song.  With beautifully arranged music, Rakat’s calming voice makes the song a pleasure to the ears. 

What sets it apart from other songs? 

First of all, the lyrics of the English number are very decent and have an urge to be set free from the society and judgmental individuals. Tilok Adnan who also co-produced the song, penned the lyrics. 

The guitar riffs and acoustic guitar tapping in the background create a nostalgic feeling for the listeners. The song has characteristics of ambient music. As an indie artist, Rakat brings a new type of music to the listeners. 

A musician with many skills, Rakat Zami has been involved in music for about 15 years and is also known as the sound engineer for bands like Nemesis and Indalo. 

Talking about the song and its composition, Rakat told the Dhaka Tribune Showtime: “I was listening to a lot of instrumental bands at the time when I wrote the song, probably around January.  I was exploring a few options on guitar and I spent a lot of time structuring the song.”

“I recorded the song around May, but I didn’t have proper lyrics for it. Even though I wrote many stuff, I wasn’t really happy with it, and I also couldn’t find a nice vocal melody for it.” 

“Tilok bhai and I go along way back, and he is kind of like my ‘go to’ critic and co-producer. So I asked for his help and told him that I was stuck with it.” 

“He told me to send him the song with demo vocals. Subsequently, he rewrote the whole thing and sent me back the dummy.”

“Then I edited some of the lyrics as well and that was pretty much the song,” he recalled.

Rakat further informed us that the album, containing 9 songs, will tentatively be released on December 5. 

Released under Tugboat Records, Flight is available worldwide on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music, and locally on Imagine Radio and the GAAN app.