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Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates: Reflection on the life and works of the genius and philanthropist

  • Published at 08:13 pm September 30th, 2019
Bill Gates
A scene from the film | IMDB

Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates depicts Bill’s fear of failing, for which he dropped out of Harvard in 1975, to launch Microsoft

Director and producer Davis Guggenheim is known for making the top 100 highest-grossing documentaries of all time for his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, It Might Get Loud, and Waiting for Superman.

When the director’s three-part documentary series, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates was released on Netflix on September 20, it created much hype among the movie lovers. 

The netizens, and movie enthusiasts were not disappointed as the film beautifully explores various aspects of the life of this tech visionary, and his attempts to find solutions for many of the world’s complex problems with optimism, and curiosity. 

The unique docu series also allows the audience to have a peep into both the personal, and professional life of Bill Gates, and most importantly his brain which is always working. 

The film also features Bill’s family members such as his sisters, wife Melinda, investment king Warren Buffet, and his friends, among many others. 

In an interview, Bill Gates said: “Davis had the idea of making a documentary that looked at the big projects I take on that are risky, and might not happen otherwise, and that was interesting to me.” 

His statement is very relatable since the series takes a closer look at Bill Gates' dedication to solve sewage problems in poor countries.  

Bill’s curiosity, and determination to eradicate polio in developing countries, as well as improve access to vaccines are also remarkable. 

The documentary follows a non-linear story-telling technique with perfection. The film shows the ups and downs of Bill’s life, his struggles to express himself as a teenager. As a brilliant mind, Bill was always ahead of his time for which he often felt isolated, and was called arrogant. Those struggles, and emotional turmoil have been depicted in the series aesthetically. 

David’s documentary has an engaging intro, and also features animations to break down Bill’s complex projects, and his childhood life. Inclusion of various camera shots, interviews, archival footage, and photos make the documentary an authentic one. 

From the documentary film, public get to know more about the man behind the Microsoft- including his habits, family, and political opinions. The film also documents his “Think Week” vacation which is an interesting routine in his life. 

Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates depicts Bill’s fear of failing, for which he dropped out of Harvard in 1975, to launch Microsoft. There are many emotional moments in the documentary. It takes the audience on a journey through his childhood, which shows that both of his parents contributed in shaping up his life. 

The film also shows his relationship with wife Melinda. Bill’s respect for his wife is truly admiring. 

It is a great documentary to learn of one of the brilliant minds of our time, and his thought process.