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Rituparna Sengupta: Bangladesh is like an extended family to me

  • Published at 05:51 pm July 22nd, 2020

Indian actor Rituparna Sengupta has been blazing the silver screens of both Bengals since early 1990s. This year, she came to Bangladesh with her film, Ahaa Re, which was screened at the Dhaka International Film Festival. The film also starred Arifin Shuvoo and was directed by young film-maker Ranjan Ghosh. Rituparna joined Dhaka Tribune Showtime’s Sadia Khalid to chat about Ahaa Re and more

How are you faring during lockdown?

I’m spending more time with my family during lockdown. I’m quite occupied with creative projects like short films, songs and campaigns. No work means no income for this industry. So, I’m trying to help those in need. 

You have come to Bangladesh many times over the last two decades. What do you look forward to the most here?

Coming to Bangladesh feels like a homecoming. It’s like an extended family for me. I feel very content when I’m there. From the very first time I came to Bangladesh, I received such immense love. 

I always come back with a few extra kilos. It’s not only in my luggage for the gifts I get, I also put on weight for all the delicious food people treat me with. 

How did you manage to look the same for almost three decades? 

I think it’s the love I received from everyone; it helps me stay positive. I never suffered from things like depressive psychosis. The thought of being wanted by my audience, keeps me young and energized. 

How was Arifin Shuvoo as a co-star? 

I met Shuvoo when we were shooting Ekti Cinemar Golpo. I came to know that he was a model, who turned into an actor and is now doing really well. He had a passion for doing good films. He didn’t care whether it is commercial or not, as long as the project excites him. 

Is it true that you suggested that Ranjan Ghosh should cast him?

I was attached to Ahaa Re from a very early stage. Ranjan and I were trying to figure out how to make the movie work. So, I actually proposed to Ranjan to cast him. The role was for a Bangladeshi guy. Ranjan, being the perfectionist, saw a number of performances by Shuvoo before confirming him seven days later.

You starred in two of Ranjan’s three feature films. Are you doing more films together?

We’re doing a third film together. The shooting is being delayed for the lockdown. Two of my other films are also pending in Bangladesh- Jam and Gangchil. Another film, Parcel, was released, but had to be taken out of theatres for the lockdown. We will re-release that one also.