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Deepto TV’s exciting Eid specials

  • Published at 07:59 pm July 29th, 2020

Deepto TV is set to air many special programs for the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. A number of special TV dramas and seven-episode series will be telecast over the seven days. There will also be programs on dance, cooking and Bangladeshi film songs. Dhaka Tribune Showtime gives you the highlights of Deepto TV programs for the first seven days of Eid


Amader Chobi Amader Gan

Director: Gaurav Sarker

Hosted by Munmun, Amader Chobi Amader Gan, a special program on Bangladeshi popular and classic film songs will be aired at 1.10pm on the first seven days.

Bon E Bhojon

Director: Golam sohrab dodul

A miser father and a spendthrift son find themselves at odds when the son desperately needs to borrow from his father. The seven-part series will be aired on the seven days of Eid at 8.10pm.


Director: Animesh Aich

A special short film titled To-Let describes a stuggling famiy’s story who might have to locate elsewhere as they cannot pay their rent due to the dwinding pandemic-induced economy. The short film will be aired at 9.30pm on the first day of  Eid.


Director: Raykhan Khan

On the first seven days of Eid-ul-Azha, a special crime thriller titled Girgiti, starring Mosharraf Karim, will be aired on Deepto TV. Girgiti revolves around a bereaved husband who embarks on a unique journey to find the murderer of his wife.

Pratibeshike Bhalobasho

Director: Shamim Zaman

The seven part series, set to be aired at 7pm on the first seven days, features two neighbouring families who are rarely on good terms with one another.

Biye Bhanga Haram

Director: Milon Bhattacharya

On the third day of Eid at 9 pm, a one-episode special drama will be aired, featuring an unmarried man who is involved in a unique profession of breaking weddings up.