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What is the #FreeBritney movement about?

  • Published at 10:38 pm July 29th, 2020

The court has deemed the singer unable to make decisions for herself

The #FreeBritney movement has resurfaced on social media after a decade of creating small waves regarding a legal arrangement called ‘conservatorship’ that controls most aspects of Britney Spears’ life.

Even though the 38-year old singer seems to lead a healthy, happy life now, leaving behind her notorious reputation as a troublemaker, many fans are speculating that she is not ‘free’ due to the legal guardianship arrangement in place.

Initially, the court approved to let the singer’s father and lawyer control her assets and make financial decisions for her, now Spears’ care manager Jodi Montgomery is her acting conservator.

The court decision to deem the singer unable to make decisions for herself was taken on the basis of Spears’ previously well-documented mental health issues.

 In 2007, with regard to the singer’s public meltdown, Reuters reported "she was a near-constant figure on the Hollywood party scene. She shaved her head, then wore a pink wig and spoke with a fake British accent."

Around the same time, Spears lost custody of her two children, went to rehab and was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation, after which the conservatorship was made permanent.

According to TMZ reports, she also voluntarily admitted herself in a mental health facility last year.

However, her fans are dissatisfied with the 12-year long legal arrangement in place, and are arguing that Spears might be being abused. Some even went as far as to speculate that the singer was dropping hints and coded messages in her social media posts, begging for help.

Around 240,000 people have signed a petition as of today for Spears to choose her own lawyer on Change.org - a right which has been taken away due to this legal arrangement.

But Spears has reassured her fans of her well being on Instagram, posting: "This is me being authentic and as real as it gets. I want to inspire people to do the same and just be themselves without pleasing others … that's the key to happiness."

Her post has done little to assuage her fans' fears.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Snooki, Rose McGowan and Miley Cyrus have also used the #FreeBritney hashtag.

Singer Cher posed an important question that is on a lot of people’s mind: "Question … Why is a woman being worked, if it's known by her conservator that she's not well enough to care for herself?"