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Voice artists needed for Deepto TV's 3D animation film 'Tomorrow'

  • Published at 07:41 pm January 7th, 2021
Tomorrow Courtesy

Two years after the acclaimed premiere of the animation film, Deepto TV is planning on dubbing it into English

Bangladeshi 3D animation film Tomorrow had its world premiere on Deepto TV, last year. The 25-minute film, revolving around climate change, had its Bangladesh premiere on November 23 at Deepto TV’s in-house auditorium.

Directed by Mohammad Shihab Uddin and written by Nasimul Hasan and Ahmed Khan Hirok, the animation was completed in Bangladesh by the studio Cycore.

Earlier in 2019, Director Shihab told Dhaka Tribune Showtime, “It was very challenging to maintain international standard of work. We didn’t have a day’s rest from July 20, 2017 till July 31, 2019, the official completion date of the film. The technical challenge of working from scratch was paramount. We had to be creative about how the many locations in this film will look like in a dystopian future and in an alternative utopian one- how will the trees look like, how will Dhaka look like etc.”

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Two years after the acclaimed premiere of Tomorrow, Deepto TV is planning on dubbing it into English, and looking for four voice artists who will play the roles of the young protagonist and his older version, the protagonist’s father and ‘Old Man Wind’ (man).

Interested volunteers can contact the producer of the film at this address.