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Watch: Animated music video from Avash

  • Published at 09:36 pm January 31st, 2021
A scene from Anath

Ten animation music videos will be created based on the top 10 lyrics selected from the competition

Rock band Avash has released its fourth music video, Anath, animated in collaboration with the content production company, Team Platform. Mehedi Hasan Nihon and Shawon Kaiyum penned the song. The music video was launched at a function held at the lounge of Yamaha Music Bangladesh, Jamuna Future Park earlier in January. 

Avash, in association with Team Platform, is looking for lyrics for their first album. The band will select 10 lyrics from the submitted ones for their first album through a nationwide competition “LyricHunt”. Ten animation music videos will be created based on the top 10 lyrics selected from the competition. This is a part of that competition. 

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Avash frontman Tanzir Tuhin said: "We’ve tried to personify the idea of ‘being an orphan’ to articulate feelings of loss in our lives. Loss is the first thing an orphan knows - because s/he was born into it. The orphan feels like s/he doesn't fit into normal structures of life and family. Society is not the same for orphans. The struggles, unpaved journeys that they go through alone, are unfair realizations of life. In the same manner, in a symbolic way, each of us is alone in the journey of our lives, where at one point we realize that we are on our own. Thus, it calls for humanity, to provide relief from the sorrows and sufferings and bring aspiration. Let someone stand up for the ones and give them the rights they always deserve. This song portrays that kind of reality and that’s why we call it Anath."

Avash features Suman playing the guitar, Raju at the bass, Rinku as the drummer, and Shaon plays the keyboards alongside Tanzir Tuhin as the vocalist.