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Arnob, Shusmita, Badhon celebrate independence with Nazrul song

  • Published at 06:02 pm March 25th, 2021
Joy Hok
Actor Azmeri Haque Badhon appeared in the highly anticipated music video

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob composed a new rendition of Kazi Nazrul Islam's song 'Joy Hok', to which prominent singer Shusmita Anis lended her voice. Piplu R Khan directed the video starring actor Badhon

'Joy Hok’ is about the emancipation from the human vices and the celebration of the human virtues. Nazrul believed in the art of disobedience and this song, in particular, hails this essence. 

The song emphasizes breaking the shackles of lies, misconceptions, and oppression. Nazrul as a rebel poet, this was the ruminations of his time. 

Arnob and Shusmita paid a tribute to Nazrul through a reinterpretation of the song, which they believe, is a a fitting representation of our time.

Directed by Piplu R Khan, the musical film stars Azmeri Haque Badhonspirit of Nazrul is what the protagonist Badhon, who personifies Nazrul's spirit in the video, through her suffering. 

The story is about a woman who is resurrected from her death. She appears in different attires of different goddesses. A defeated woman, a sufferer in nature, she abides by the art of disobedience. 

She is a woman who embodies the tale of the oppressed humanity. The exhibition of the horror that happened to her is juxtaposed as liberating. She is a woman of our time, undergoing agony, representing every woman that goes through similar experiences. 

From left, director Piplu R Khan, singers Arnob and Sushmita Anis, and actor Badhon at a press conference on March 24

She suppresses her oppressions, up until one point, and then she erupts like a volcano. She fights back, against her oppressors and the forces that held her. She weaves her story and expresses it before mankind. 

The musical film, produced by Junjuni Chakma, aspires to champion the independence of women over evils, epitomizing a few powerful, yet forgotten goddesses. 

The song released on March 24 is available on Sushmita Anis' YouTube channel and other digital platforms.