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New Salahuddin will be more dynamic and faster

  • Published at 09:00 pm October 4th, 2020
The newly elected personnel of BFF Executive Committee including president Kazi Salahuddin is seen after the result of the votes were announced on Saturday at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka Dhaka Tribune/Md Manik

The legendary footballer was elected for the fourth consecutive term as the BFF boss by getting record number of votes at the BFF Congress 2020 on Saturday

Bangladesh Football Federation President Kazi Salahuddin said he will not only continue his good job but also become more dynamic and energetic.

The legendary footballer was elected for the fourth consecutive term as the BFF boss by getting record number of votes at the BFF Congress 2020 on Saturday and he seemed very much pumped up on his first day of the office at his new tenure on Sunday. 

‘When Salahuddin took charge in 2008 there was no football at the ground level. The old Salahuddin kept the league alive by 2020. The new Salahuddin will keep the ball rolling with high speed and more energy because it has now become a habit. Now the ball will move very fast,” said the 66-year old, who looked as jovial as his playing days. 

Despite many criticisms on social media where he was lampooned for being a failure in the last 12 years, on Saturday Salahuddin got 94 votes out of 135 to get a overwhelming victory and the BFF boss claimed that proved his popularity among the footballing fraternity in the country. 

“I won by 80 votes in 2008. After that, I became the president of BFF winning by 84 votes, and now, I secured 94 votes. It proves that football-loving people want me as the president of BFF. The 139 voters were organizers from different clubs, district and other organizations who are directly involved with football, they are not lay people or a random billionaire, they know country’s football. Whatever other people say, football supporters are my strength. I believe I’m popular among the football-loving people,

 “My footballers are my biggest strength. All the players of Bangladesh football team love me. They came here on the Election Day to congratulate me which is a big thing for me. The players and who love football came to congratulate me; it means I’ve done something good which prompted them to love me, to support me,” he added. 

When asked, he is heavily criticized for not being able to organize district level football and nurture young talents, Salahuddin said these are responsibilities of local organizers and club but in his new term he will be stricter to keep the ball rolling.

‘ If Bangladesh does not organize league regularly that is not the responsibility of Fifa president, similarly, I am not responsible for district level tournament as BFF president. But I will be stricter. I will try to follow the similar rule of Fifa and AFC and impose ban on those districts who fail to organize tournaments. Previously, if I would be that strict you people would lambast me, but now things are shaped in a format. From now on, you have to follow my commands,” said a confident looking Salahuddin.