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Natural disaster aftermath in the Bangladeshi south

  • Published at 08:12 pm September 27th, 2021

Seen through the camera of a local climate activist

My journey as a climate activist started in my childhood. I was born and raised in Satkhira, considered amongst the most climate vulnerable parts of Bangladesh. When I was eight years old, cyclone Aila took place in this region. I still remember that one night the water level rose to my bed, and I got terrified. 

The following day different organizations were distributing relief in my area. But unfortunately, I couldn’t get any relief as I was only eight then. Since then, I have wanted to know how to cope with this situation for my survival. Currently, I am working as a climate activist and raising my voice through my camera lens using social media as my platform. 

These images reflect the fight of survival for the people in the south. As a youth climate activist from Satkhira I have taken up my camera as a weapon in my fight against climate change. I have been actively posting photos and videos to create awareness on the lives of the communities here. 

My work has been picked up by many people from social media, furthermore it has created opportunities for me to work as a child journalist in UNICEF, Bangladesh generation parliament, Bangladesh News. Currently I am working as a volunteer in Jalabayu Parishad and I am motivated to continue my passion and raise awareness about Climate Justice for us.

The following photos are some of the images from South Bangladesh, on how youths have self organized to help their community survive the onslaught of cyclones.

S M Shahin Alom is a climate activist and photojournalist.