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The painkiller that can kill you!

  • Published at 12:20 pm May 12th, 2013
The painkiller that can kill you!

Patients and GPs are warned of the risks and benefits of Diclofenac

Research shows that taking the pain killer “Diclofenac” increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes by 63%. A study warned that General Practitioners (GP) are writing millions of prescriptions a year for a painkiller that is known to raise the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Diclofenac is given by GPs to ease the pain of arthritis, backache, gout and other common conditions. A review of existing research showed the drug is one of the riskiest of its type, Despite its fatal risks, it has been prescribed and used more often than safer alternatives, such as the painkiller naproxen. Researchers said that the dangers of Diclofenac have been well-documented, so GPs are either not keeping up with the latest research or are simply ignoring thewarnings.

The risk of Dicoflenac is almost identical to that of the painkiller Rofecoxib, which was withdrawn from worldwide sales in 2004 because of its cardiovascular risks.

The study’s authors are calling for Diclofenac to be banned or severely restricted in use.