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“Sale”: Shop carefully

  • Published at 09:36 am June 19th, 2013
“Sale”: Shop carefully

"Sale" is the word that works like a magnet to shopaholic people. Beyond shopaholics, others are also unconsciously dragged to the shops by this simple word. Also people, who like to spend wisely love the word “sale”.

It’s brilliant if you can properly utilise your money and do great shopping during a sale. But it’s not always a wise decision to shop in a hurry when you see the big signboard in bold font saying SALE. You must act consciously so that your “spending” does not become “wasting.”

It's summer and there are a lot of signboards around you saying “Summer sale!” Here are tips for sale shopping.

Read carefully

When you see the advertisement or signboard, go through the whole thing. Under a highlighted "60% off" there may be a phrase in tiny font saying: “up to.” If you rush to the shop and find only limited products are 60% off and others have less of a discount, it may disturb you.

Also check the date. There is a chance that you will go to the shop in a hurry and see the sale time has expired.

Remember, the advertisement was made to grab your attention. Don’t waste your time by going to the shop without knowing the details.

Check the product

When you find that you can buy a lot of things, sometimes you overlook checking every product. The outcome is when you bring it home, the colour may be faded somewhere, or there can be a spot or scratch on it. Sometimes you can also pick a product that crossed the expiry date few days ago.

Check before you purchase, because most of the time products are not returnable or exchangeable.

Does the product suit you?

It’s a common phenomenon that people pick like crazy when the product is purchasable at a cheap rate. Especially when you buy readymade garments, be sure the product you are going to buy suits you.

Otherwise you can find that the product you buy is smaller or larger than you need.

Also check if the colour suits you or not. Don’t just “touch and take.”

Confirm the price

The price of the product can be higher than the price tag. Don’t forget that you need to pay the VAT. Be calculative and then buy as much as you need.

Last but not the least, there is a big chance in sale shopping that you can return home with an empty pocket. So spend consciously and be sure you are buying things that you need. Shop smarter and wiser during a sale.